Iceland’s Northern Lights Distract Drivers; Police Tells Motorists To Keep Eyes On The Road

Beauty can be blinding. And that’s what police in Iceland are worrying about when drivers ogle at the Northern Lights. Reports are piling up that people behind the wheels are often found driving erratically as they gaze the lights while cruising on the streets.

Last week, police caught two foreign visitors swerving between the lanes as they were heading to the Keflavík International Airport. One incident showed a driver handling the car irresponsibly and, while it showed every sign of being under the influence of alcohol, police noticed the driver to be sober and conscious.

A press release from the Police in South Iceland states: “The reason for this driving style was not intoxication, the driver told the police he saw the northern lights and couldn’t bring himself to stop looking at them, as he kept on driving.” The officers also advised the man that if he wants to watch the Lights, he should stop the car first and park somewhere else.

The man explained that the Northern Lights suddenly appeared and he couldn’t concentrate driving while staring at it. The second casualty happened when officers saw a car driving and that it swerved back and forth on the road. Suddenly, it took a turn at a junction going to the Njarðvík, Keflavík.

Again, the police thought the man being intoxicated. However, the driver along with other foreign nationals was all clearheaded. They explained that they had been captivated by the Lights that they weren’t able to control their car out of distraction.

So far, there has not been any fatal casualties happened while gawking at the Northern Lights. But police will keep on reminding everyone, especially tourists, to maintain their sight on the road while driving.

The spectacle of Aurora Borealis will continue, however. The best time to see them in Iceland is from September to mid-April where the nights are darker than usual. Heed this advice: Don’t drive when you want to watch it. Source: travelerstoday

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