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Skype Adds Messaging and In-Call Reactions to Android and iOS Apps

Skype Adds Messaging and In-Call Reactions to Android and iOS Apps

As the title says, messaging reactions will be a new thing in Skype for Android and iOS. It will allow users to respond to any message from their contacts with multiple reactions. These reactions can be used for any reason starting with voting, showing excitement, or just for fun.

The same is available for in-call reaction. Basically, Skype users will be able to add live emoticons, live text and real-time photos to their video calls. It’s meant to enrich the video call feature with more images while speaking to someone.

Furthermore, Microsoft announced that it will bring integrated camera to the Skype app. But what does this actually means? Well, if you’re using Skype, you can now quickly swipe to capture a picture while on the move. You can even add emoticons, stickers and annotations, as well as share these pictures in the chat.

Last but not least, the new Find panel feature will allow Skype users to find and share links, news, sports results, restaurants, the weather, videos and other stuff without having to leave the application.

Find panel removes completely the need to switch between apps, so you can now access the content you want much easier and bring it to the Skype conversations as quickly as possible.

As we’ve mentioned before, these new features are only available through Skype Preview for Android and iOS, but Microsoft says that after seeing how they work in practice, they will introduce them to the rest of Skype users.

On top of that, Microsoft confirms that new enhancements and features that haven’t been announced yet are already in the pipeline and might be unveiled soon. Source: softpedia

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